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Logos And Their Formats – Finally Choose The Right One For You

Don’t be confused while making a logo anymore! In this article, we will tell you about different types of logos and where it is best to use them. Today you can indeed create logos by using logo maker tools.

But before you start designing logos, you must know about the different types, formats, and their use in the industry.

Below, we will discuss the most important logo styles that are being used today to represent different kinds of businesses. So without any delay, let us begin with the details of the top logotypes.

Different Logo formats – Which one is best for you?

Logo consists of different elements. In some logos, you would see the excessive use of text, while in some, you might see more visual elements. Every logo has its personality and message, so you need to pick the best style that suits your brand.

  • Pictorial Mark logos

All logos are considered symbols, but you must know that you would see simple imagery in pictorial logos. These kinds of logos are designed to create logos in a sleek way. With pictorial logos, one can easily define the purpose of the brand. Some top brands, including Twitter and Snapchat, use pictorial logos. One of the world’s largest brands,” Apple” also uses a pictorial logo.

  • Monogram logos

These logos are also quite commonly being used by big brands today. Monogram logos are also known as letter marks. Famous brands like HBO, NASA, and even IBM are the best examples of this type. If you want to give your logo a simple and compelling look, you can go for this logo style. You should save the monogram logos in PNG.

  • Abstract logos

Abstract logos are the advanced version of pictorial logos that we have discussed above. These logos would not have a specific image that you can recognize like Apple or Twitter; rather, these logos are based on geometric elements. You can take the example of Pepsi and Nike. These logos don’t tell you anything if you view them for literal meaning. These logos are used by large organizations that have a large product range and a solid target audience. Abstract logos are considered to be catchier than pictorial marks. You can use these logos in all commercial image formats.

  • Emblems

These are also the most commonly used logo designs across the globe. You must know that emblems are also known as the traditional style of logos. This is because they have passed the test of time and have beat dozens of trends over the past years. You can take the example of BMW, Mercedes, Starbucks, and many others. Emblems are usually designed and saved in the SVG or CDR format because of their high quality.

  • Mascots Logos

Usually, these logos are used in the sports and fast food industry. Mascot logos are one of the most exaggerated types of designs. In these logos, you would see simple shapes or figures that convey the personality of a brand. You can take the example of Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC. Mascot logos can have an animal, personal and objective figures in them. Young people are more attracted to these kinds of designs. You must keep the logo format in PNG, PSD, or EPS.

  • Combination logos

Combination logos are also one of the trendy options that you can consider. These logos are the ones that are combined by adding both text and visual elements. The most famous example can be Pizza Hut or Burger King! These logos are best for a new company that wants to make its brand recognizable. Later on, you can also dilute or separate both elements and use the one which intrigues your customers the most. Most brands use their name along with a relevant image symbol to create this logotype.

The best platform to design a logo for your brand!

The traditional designing process is very time taking and also expensive. So if you want to create a logo all by yourself, you should go with the online logo maker tools. After reading about the types of logos, you have to pick the right style and format along with the logo maker tool and start designing. Below, we are discussed one of the most popular platforms that helps you create the best logo design for your brand.

Design Studio – SmallSEOTools

The design studio by Smallseotools is a very famous platform that can provide you different tools. The logo maker tool is one of the popular utilities in the design studio. With the online logo maker, you can create a fresh logo of your favorite style in less than minutes, and that too for free. The designing process is quite simple.

You have to open the free logo maker on your browser, enter your business name and select the category/niche of your brand. In each business category, the tool will provide you dozens of predesigned templates based on different logo styles. You have to pick the style you like the most for your brand and customize it in the tool’s dashboard. You can save the logo design in good quality and your desired format. Creating logos with online logo maker tools like this one has become easy, cost-effective, and independent!

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