Pearly Whites Photoshop Plug-in Free Download

    Hello friends, today I am sharing with you a very useful plug-in which is called pearly whites Photoshop plug-in for teeth whitening. This is added to the Photoshop filters section and it helps you to whiten and sparkle your teeth. You can also download Shadowify – Blur & Shadow Kit

    Often digital camera photos show your teeth yellow and PearlyWhites to automatically make teeth white and glossy. You can apply PearlyWhites photoshop plug-in to your own images or use them as part of a Photoshop action and batch set of images.

    Pearlywhites Photoshop Plug-in

    This is available for download absolutely free on this site. Just click on the below download link & remove the yellow effect from teeth on your images. Keep visiting for a new post and share this post with your loved ones.

    Download Pearlywhites Photoshop Plug-in V3.0.1

    Key features of the PearlyWhites Plugin:

    • Teeth whitening
    • Adjust teeth whiteness
    • Use the latest settings applied for reuse on new photos
    • Apply action to a folder of files
    • Save processed files in a new way

    System Required Application

    • Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and higher
    • Photoshop Elements 2 and higher
    • PaintShop Pro 7 and higher

    Operating System

    • Windows 7, 8 & 10

    Memory requirements:

    • Minimum recommended Ram is: 1GB

    Images Modes

    • RGB, 8 bits and 16 bits

    Installation Guide

    1. Run & install the “Setup.exe” file
    2. If the installation path of Photoshop plugins is not automatically detected, copy the entire installation folder (by default to C: \ Program Files \ Imadio \ PearlyWhites 3.0) and paste it into the Photoshop plugin path.
      Copy and paste the contents of the Crack folder into the folder of the same plugin. (In the default path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CS5 ME \ Plug-ins \ PearlyWhites 3.0.1
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    I am Muhammad Fayyaz Gull from Punjab, Faisalabad. I am working as HR/ Admin Staff at Private textile Mills situated in Punjab, Faisalabad. I have been working in Web & Graphics designing field since 2008.


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