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130 Water Splash Photo Overlays

Here in this post, you can get free download 130 Water Splash Photo Overlays compress file from below button. This Water Splash Overlays in JPG file format and within (4096×2304 px) resolution. These overlays you can easily adjust and fit anyone’s image, Which you want to give water splash effects. You Can Also Download 40 Motion Photo Overlays Backgrounds.

130 Water Splash Photo Overlays

This overlays you can use many ways into your picture for unique and attractive looks. Below I am sharing with you some useful ways for using the photo overlays.

  1. Just place overlay onto your image and change blending mode to Screen or other better.
  2. You can easily rotate the layer. and you can change the opacity of the overlay.
  3. You can change the color shade.
  4. Strengthen blur overlay several layers simultaneously using the mask to remove off the artifacts from the main parts of the photo and much more.

What’s Included Compress File Pack?

Inside the compress file you can get total 130 water splash photo overlays, get more info about the overlay from below.
  • 110 Water Splash Overlays
  • 10 Rainy Backgrounds Overlays
  • 10 Water Dresses Overlays.

Compatible Software: Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, and other image editing software that works with layers.

Download 130 Water Splash Photo Overlays

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