Quick Mask Pro Panels For Photoshop

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Click and mask accurately and faster without a pen or brush:

Create intricate base masks for hard selections within seconds with just a few mouse clicks. Refine your base masks fast, easy, and non-destructively using the buttons under Quick Refine Mask. This replaces the traditional, labor-intensive, workflow of manually refining your mask using a brush or pen and tablet and zooming in a few hundred percent. To bring out the most delicate parts of your image, like fences, cables, antennas, or even hair, use Advanced Refine Mask. You Can Also Download B&W Artisan Pro X 2021 Photoshop Panel.


Why choose this panel?

Every selection tool is based on detecting contrasts or differences in luminance values or on uniquely identifying colors in a shape or plane (PS color range tool). Quick Mask Pro can create selections based on luminance levels of just 1 luminance value difference. The secret of this tool is in the automatic creation of base masks based on the histogram, and the tools to refine the base masks using smart fill presets, globally or within a designated area of the image, very accurately.

Skill level:

Anyone with basic PS knowledge can use this panel since you don’t need any specific selection/masking technical knowledge.

What’s Included:

  • The Quick Mask Pro Panel.
  • Free technical updates.
  • Installation instructions manual and video.
  • Quick Reference Guide.
  • An accompanying video tutorial of 25 minutes, exclusively made for this panel, with very advanced tips and tricks that will enhance your PS general knowledge.

System Requirements:

Photoshop CC 2014 and higher
Mac and Windows compatible
Make sure that your computer can run the latest Photoshop version. See also Adobe’s website for specifics.

 Zip File Password: www.freegfx4u.com 

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