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Top 5 Photo Editing Services in India


When choosing photo editing services in India, you need to take into account many aspects: the quality of image processing, turnaround, the convenience of payment options, discounts, reviews. Given the number of options available, finding the right service can take several days.

While preparing this overview, we considered not only Indian services but also those that are popular in this region. We also took into account the versatility of the services provided by the companies. As a result, we narrowed down the choice to the 5 best options. You just have to choose the one that satisfies your budget and schedule.

1. FixThePhoto


Quality: 10/10 
from $2 to $25 per photo 
Time for editing:
1-3 days

Pros: Cons:
  • Available 24/7
  • Discounts for orders over $ 300
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Separate retoucher for regular clients
  • Helpful articles for photographers and retouchers
  • None


FixThePhoto offers photo processing services for beginner and professional photographers from India, the USA, China, the UK, and other countries. The company has been on the market for over 15 years, has developed an extensive base of services. You can order photo culling, portrait retouching, product photo color correction, real estate image processing, and more.

To place an order, you just need to fill out a form so that a manager can contact you. You can also attach a photo to learn the cost of the work or make FixThePhoto retouchers see your style that they need to adhere to.

This outsource photo editing India service ensures the absolute confidentiality of your images: they won’t be published on the website or on third-party sites without your permission. Another advantage of this company is round-the-clock work, so you can place an order whenever you want. Besides, you can look through a huge variety of edited photos in the Sample tab and learn the exact price of your own order.

We tested the service by sending them several photos for editing. It took them 9 hours to improve the images, and the result was even better than we expected. FixThePhoto retouchers improved colors, retouched skin, reshaped some body parts, remove stray hair, and enhanced the background.

2. WeEdit.Photos

Quality: 10/10
Price: from $0.2 to $10 per photo
Time for editing: 2 days

Pros: Cons:
● Fast image processing
● Use secure protocols
● 24/6 customer support
● Simple registration
● Sunday is a day off


WeEdit.Photos have been engaged in the sphere since 2003. Here you can order photo culling, color correction, background replacement, face retouching, make-up improvement, and other services. Retouchers are engaged in both commercial and personal photography projects.

This photo editing India company provides clients with a full list of services available and the formats supported. You can place an order and talk with managers at any time of the day, except Sunday. The service also has a portfolio with samples of their work so that you can understand whether the price corresponds to the quality. Here you can find images of different genres from weddings to the landscape.

They spent 1 day to edit our images. The retouchers fulfilled all the requirements according to the instructions provided: they improved saturation and brightness, removed circles under the eyes, and whitened teeth. We like the high-quality images we received and we think that such photos can be added to any portfolio.

3. Wedding-Retouching

Quality: 10/10
Price: from $0.2 to $10 per photo
Time for editing: up to 8 days, depending on how busy retouchers are

Pros: Cons:
  • Affordable image editing service
  • Many options to send images to retouchers
  • Experienced retouchers
  • Ready-made packages for pros and newbies
  • The service specializes in wedding photography


If you are looking for wedding photo editing services in India, then Wedding-Retouching is ideal for you. In addition to the low price for one edited photo (from $0.2 for basic color correction), they also offer favorable rates for editing a large number of images. You have to pay only $0.14 for one image if you order bulk wedding photo retouching.

Here you can order color correction, photomontage, background editing, face and body retouching, and more. You can evaluate the work of the service by viewing “Before-After” pictures. Another reason to use this service is the variety of options for uploading an order. You can send a photo through the form on the website, by mail, via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive.

This service is similar to FixThePhoto and WeEdit.Photos showed great results both in terms of quality and turnaround. We received photos that fully corresponded to our style a day after placing the order. Retouchers improved exposure and colors, boosted contrast, enhanced skin tone, and corrected the model’s body shape.

4. RetouchGem

Quality: 5/10
Price: hourly rate is 60 EUR
Time for editing: 2 days

Pros: Cons:
  • Confidentiality
  • Before& after portfolio
  • Expensive


The professional RetouchGem studio from Finland has been offering image editing services for over 10 years. They don’t involve third-party designers to edit photos; all manipulations are performed in-house. Regardless of whether you need to fulfill a personal or commercial project, here you can order portrait retouching, body shaping, product image editing, restoring old pictures, photomontage, and more.

The retouchers coped with our order within 48 hours. But the picture quality is not perfect. The model has a slightly unnatural complexion, which makes the photo look unrealistic.

5. Image Work India

Quality: 4/10
Price: $1.50 per photo
Time for editing: up to 24 hours

Pros: Cons:
  • Specialize in e-commerce photography
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Not the best image quality
  • Doesn’t match the ordered style
  • Quite a long image processing


This outsources photo editing India service accepts e-commerce, landscape, and portrait images. Here you can order plastic surgery effect, ask retouchers to make breasts bigger, legs longer, get rid of cellulite, retouch face, etc.

We placed an order on Wednesday morning, and received the result on Thursday, in the late afternoon. However, they didn’t take into account some of our requirements. For example, they didn’t edit images according to our style, so they look like from another photo session. Some parts of the model’s face are poorly retouched and the plastic surgery effect is barely visible.

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