Read about Top 15 popular wedding photography editing services for photographers and brides with before/after picture examples, overall rating, the average price in high wedding seasons, and reviews.


Are you a wedding photographer with tons of orders and are thinking of addressing any wedding photography editing service to enhance your shots? In this case, this review will come in handy. Outsourcing wedding photography editing will bring benefits for both you and your business.

If you don’t edit the pictures on your own, you will get more time for the family, improving your photographic skills or taking wedding photos. Another plus is the ability to bring more happiness and guarantee a faster turnaround to your customers.

Want to know how?
Keep on reading to find out which companies provide the best quality for a reasonable price and in the shortest possible time.

1. FixThePhoto

Website: You can see the before and after samples in full size and study all the changes they made. FixThePhoto provides a wide range of wedding photography editing and batch color correction services.

Price: Culling costs $0.05 per picture, color correction is $0.20 for a picture. Batch image post-processing is offered. You can choose one of two available plans for wedding image editing: Light ($99) or Professional ($159).

Packages:  Two bundles: $159 – $99 per bundle.

Levels of editing: Full range from Culling to High-end wedding image retouching.

Ordering: To place an order, you must register and confirm the registration using the email. After that, you can upload your images. They can be of any format but shouldn’t be larger than 100MB.

Response/working time: Very fast. You get an answer almost immediately. Edited pictures are delivered the next day.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: This was the best bridal portrait retouching experience. They took into consideration all of the wishes about skin and followed my style. The photo is fit for a magazine cover.

These guys have been editing events and wedding photos for many years and have tremendous experience in this field. This wedding photography editing service clearly follows your instructions and preferences, so the images retain your style.

If the result does not meet your expectations, they will make the necessary changes to satisfy you. In case you have any questions regarding registration, placing your order or image editing, you can use the services of a customer support team that works around the clock.

FixThePhoto offers: Your wedding photos will look more attractive after adjusting shadows, vibrancy, contrast, correcting redness of the skin, applying color correction, removing wrinkles and stray hair.

If you have to fix any imperfections caused by poor lighting, wedding photography edit is what you need. Teeth whitening, getting rid of blemishes and other skin imperfections are performed at a highly professional level and preserve the natural look of the picture.

Background Enhancement allows you to get rid of distracting objects in your wedding pictures. Professional retouchers will remove all unwanted things and people to make the perfect composition.

You can choose the Magazine Look service if you want to add a bit of glamour to your wedding images. FixThePhoto specialists work in Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC to achieve the desired result.

Moreover, the site has an active blog with a variety of wedding photo tips for photographers that will help you learn something new, plan a unique photoshoot or pick up suitable equipment.

2. WeEditPhotos

Website: WeEditPhotos provides different types of headshots and wedding photography editing.

Price: Prices vary from $0.20 per photo for Culling and $20 per photo for Extra level of image retouching.

Packages: Wedding photographers can choose between two options. “Wedding Light” costs $99 (Color Correction up to 700 photos, $0.14/picture), “Wedding Pro” costs $159 (Color Correction up to 700 pics, basic edit up to 20 images, extra edit up to 5 photos).

Levels of editing: Full range from Culling to Extra.

Ordering: Registration is done via email. You should pay using PayPal.

Response/working time: You get the answer very quickly. The order will be ready within 36 hours. The tested image was done after 24 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: A runner-up after FixThePhoto in terms of photo retouching. Makeup restoration was done highly professionally.

On the list, this wedding photography editing service occupies the second place. The team deals with many types of photography editing, including landscape, wedding, product photography and so on. The clients can easily navigate their website due to its simple and intuitive design.

You can find many positive reviews about WeEditPhotos. Their website contains a lot of interesting information that will be useful to both beginners and experienced photographers, retouchers.

You can familiarize yourself with examples of this service’s works. Despite the fact that customers are quite demanding on this type of photo enhancing services, this team has tons of positive reviews.

They are attracted by the high quality of the result and affordable price.

3. Wedding-Retouching

Website: Perhaps, Wedding-Retouching has the best website design in this review. Their pricing page deserves special attention and flattering words. In addition to wedding photo enhancement services, these guys are engaged in portrait retouching.

Price: Culling costs $0.05/photo and you pay $10/photo for Advanced photography editing.

Packages: “Wedding Light” costs $99 (color correction up to 700 pictures, $0.14/photo). The price of “Wedding Pro” is $159 (color correction up to 700 pictures, basic up to 20 pics, advanced up to 5 images)

Levels of editing: Starting from Culling to Advanced.

Ordering: You can use your email to register. Facebook or Google accounts can be used too. It is possible to upload up to 50MB of photos.

Response/working time: Their response time is very quick. You get the answer via email. They inform that the order will be completed within 48 hours. In fact, it takes less – only one day.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: The retoucher added a bit of makeup and made realistic skin retouching. The model’s lips became more expressive and the whole bridal photo looks complete.

Wedding-Retouching fairly received all the reviews that you could encounter on the Internet. Their website is user-friendly and contains many sample images.

Since the main specialization of the team is wedding photography editing, their blog has many posts concerning this type of photography. You can easily understand their prices thanks to the convenient price list format.

You can save a lot of time by ordering photography editing from this company. To get the desired result, you need to provide clear directions, including the choice of pictures during the culling and your expectations from photography editing. You can send up to 20GB of files.

4. HighEndBeautyRetouching

Website: The main customers of this service are those who need high-end image retouching.

Price: The price starts from $10 per image and reaches $150 per photo. Ultra Magazine is the most expensive.

Packages: There no packages available.

Levels of editing: They offer various levels of high-end image retouching (from simple to Ultra Magazine).

Ordering: Fast registration and the opportunity to enhance wedding photos of any file format.

Response/working time: They get in touch in half an hour after you register and send ready pictures in 48 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: The first thing you notice here is a very decent color correction. Skin and makeup are also quite good, love the hair. Overall, it is a rather well-done job.

The main specialization of this team is the high-end picture retouching. You can view some examples of their work, which stands out for its simplicity and clarity.

The minimum price per photo is $10. When testing this wedding photography editing service, the result was obtained quickly and met all the specified requirements. The order price was $20.

However, if complex high-end retouching is not what you need, you will not be able to order lower-level image editing. Ultra Magazine level provides the highest quality but you have to pay about $150.

The photographs we received are really stunning and can be published in magazines or used for advertising.

5. Nuderetouching

Website: Offers boudoir and nude photography editing services; lots of examples on their website.

Price: Prices vary from $5 to $15 per picture.

Packages: Aren’t available.

Levels of editing: They offer several levels of image editing aside from culling and color correction. You can choose from Standard to Complete+ level.

Ordering: To place the order, you should register. They work with different types of files, including RAW images.

Response/working time: Customer support service works rather promptly. The final photo was delivered in 24 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: Skin retouching was done with great care, which definitely gave this photo a magazine look. The retoucher has also added some colors to the model’s makeup.
Although this service is aimed at boudoir and nude photography, they accepted to edit the wedding picture. The photo was ready the next day.

The muted and dark color palette of the website corresponds to the photography genre the company works in. These guys provide many examples of their work that stand out for their incredible quality and appeal.

Skin retouching is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of this service. If you check out the edited images, you will notice that the skin looks natural and flawless.

Without seeing the photo before the improvement, it will be difficult for you to determine which parts of the image have been changed.

NudeRetouching is not one of the best wedding photography editing services. But if the bride wants to get boudoir-style pictures, you can safely entrust them. These retouchers will provide a professional level of editing and qualitatively improve the skin and body look.

6. Photographers Edit

Website: A beautiful interface has many photography editing examples. The agency mainly deals with wedding images.

Price: Culling costs $0.14 per picture and Custom retouching is $40 per image.

Packages: They don’t offer package orders. However, you can get some benefits from creating a Premium account.

Levels of editing: You can choose from Culling to Advanced.

Ordering: Start with creating your account and then upload images in any format, including RAW.

Response/working time: They answer within 15 minutes and promise to complete the order in 36 hours. In fact, the picture was sent in 30 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: Didn’t like the results. The whole photo is overexposed, the skin is blurred and too bright for this color correction. We were unpleasantly surprised.

This is a pretty new wedding photography editing service. This company is engaged not only in wedding photoshoots but also provides a wide range of services related to color correction, culling, picture retouching, etc.

They accept orders to enhance the shots of any genre. The price range varies from $0.14 to $5 per image, although it may be more expensive.

Photographers Edit has one major drawback. You cannot order only color correction and must combine it with other services.

The number of photos ordered affects the final cost. Unfortunately, you will not be able to specify which pictures you want to enhance.

7. TheImageSalon

Website: Intuitive and easy to use. There is much info about prices, services as well as picture examples.

Price: Lightroom Toning costs between $0.27-$0.50 per photo and each minute of Photoshop retouching costs up to 1$.

Packages: They offer package photography editing.

Levels of editing: They do not have specific retouch levels. You can choose Lightroom toning, PS retouching, and 2 extra services called Quick & Clean Edits, Basic/Basic+ Editing.

Ordering: To place an order, you need to register and upload pictures of any format.

Response/working time: Customer support responses within half an hour. The edited photo was received in 24 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: This photo looks unprofessional. Some skin retouching can be noticed but it is far from being perfect. Moreover, the colors are too dark, there are too many shadows.

The Image Salon has a good reputation among wedding photography editing services. Performing picture retouching, they take into account all the wishes and style of customers.

This agency provides three main service groups that include Basic/Basic+ Editing, Quick & Clean Edits, Portrait & Custom Retouching.

This team is engaged in editing photographs of various genres, including wedding shots. Professional photo retouchers will eliminate all defects, remove redness of the skin and smooth it, as well as perform other manipulations to get a stunning wedding picture.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay for color correction separately. It costs $0.5/image. You cannot see the price of other services due to the specific work of this company.

8. Shoot dot edit

Website: Shoot dot edit’s website is simple for understanding and convenient. All the details about prices and services are available here. Helpful information is present too.

Price: You should have a subscription basis. It is impossible to place a single-picture order.

Packages: They don’t have package orders, but you use a monthly subscription.

Levels of editing: Starting from culling to basic picture editing.

Ordering: You must register before placing your order. All file formats can be sent.

Response/working time: They reply in 30 minutes. The photo was ready in 24 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: Attempts at getting a more natural makeup or trying to remove it made the photo look flat and colorless. Lack of bright accents makes the photo boring. In addition, the image is overexposed.

This service has many positive reviews although their prices are quite high and pricing policy is not very convenient, especially for one-time orders. You cannot place an order without a monthly subscription.

The website lacks before and after image examples. If you do not know someone who has approached this wedding photography editing service, it will be difficult for you to judge the quality of their work.

9. EvolveEdits

Website: A standard interface with distracting animations.

Price: They ask from $0.3 for Color Correction. The max price is $150 for a picture when ordering Signature Edits.

Packages: Lack of package editing. A Premium Membership subscription is offered.

Levels of editing: They do everything from Color Correction to Premium Edits.

Ordering: First, you must complete the registration and then upload your photos in any format.

Response/working time: It took 20 minutes to accept the order. They sent the final result after 24 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: The photo is blurred and it seems like its quality is not very high, the skin is too smooth. The color correction doesn’t look good either, the photo is too yellow.

EvolveEdits focuses on wedding photography edit services. They offer several levels of photography editing. You can choose from Deluxe Edits, Color Correction, Signature Edits, Retouching, and Premium Edits.

They also create SM management packages and work on photo album designs.

Unfortunately, these guys did not confirm the declared professionalism and quality. The result is disappointing and does not correspond to the money paid for it.

10. UShootVedit

Website: Too complicated and complex, a lot of animation on the first page that distracts greatly.

Price: Prices start from $0.19 color correction to high-end image retouching for $5 per picture.

Packages: Package editing is not offered.

Levels of editing: Three levels of portrait photography editing.

Services: Color correction and editing of portrait photos.

Response/working time: The edited picture was delivered in 30 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: Not happy about skin retouching at all. It is done very poorly, with noticeably overexposed areas and uneven color. Overall, there is nothing much we can say. Color correction is awful – the photo is overexposed.

Despite affordable prices, they have quite a limited variety of services. Very few of them are adapted specifically for wedding photography.

11. RetouchUp

Website: Nice and user-friendly design. You can easily find photo examples and prices.

Check out a special section with their services described.

Price: The lowest price is $5 for a picture.

Packages: Package editing is not offered.

Levels of editing: Complete Retouch, Complete Plus Retouch, Special Services Retouch.

Services: 8 various image editing services.

Response/working time: The tested picture was received after 24 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: When it comes to the results of this work, we cannot say at least one good thing about the photo we received. The retoucher simply blurred the skin, added a poorly done colorization on top of it and sent it to the client.

The site’s design is very simple and convenient. In the special section, you can find out all the info about their photography editing services for photographers.

Due to the low resolution of edited picture samples, it is difficult to evaluate their professionalism. But, in general, these photos look a bit amateurish.

The cost of services is quite acceptable. Photo restoration is the most expensive – you will have to pay $35/picture. They edit pictures of various formats, including RAW.

12. Tucia

Website: Intuitive interface with examples of enhanced pictures.

Price: A photo costs one credit ($8).

Packages: Package editing is not offered.

Levels of editing: There are no levels, there are specific services.

Ordering: Start with registration and then upload pictures of any format.

Services: There are two main categories with more than 15 services.

Response/working time: A quick reply. The ready photo was delivered the next day.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: Despite all the advantages of this service, we were disappointed with the result. Skin doesn’t look nice at all, its photography editing is not finished, the color is uneven and you can notice unnecessary highlights.

Their website seems too simple. There is neither a detailed description of the services nor the blog.

The cost of provided services is shown in credits. This can confuse potential customers. It is more convenient to specify the price in dollars.

You can find worthy examples of their photos. However, the test picture, which cost 3 credits, looked awful after their image editing.

13. GalexiaEditing

Website: The website is laconic and simple. There are examples of work and it is easy to understand.

Price: Prices vary from $0.19 color correction in Lightroom to creative image post-processing for $59 per picture.

Packages: Aren’t available

Levels of editing: There are no levels of image editing.

Services: You can get image editing in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Response/working time: The ready picture was done after 24 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: Very amateurish. It seems like the retoucher just did the color correction, which, by the way, didn’t turn out too great.

It is a standard service that does not offer clear conditions for those who want to get wedding photography edit. You can order only separately as there are no package offers. The website is easy to use and customer support is friendly and fast.

14. ColorExpertsInternational

Website: The website is laconic and simple. There are some image examples and it is easy to figure out the interface.

Price: Prices range from $0.99 for SimplePaths to Restoration service for $20 per picture.

Packages: Lack of package editing.

Levels of editing: There are no levels of image editing.

Services: The website is mainly focused on the Clipping Path.

Response/working time: The picture was sent after 32 hours.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: This is the most unprofessional photography editing service on this list. It is unclear why this service has changed the face proportions. They have even changed the eye shape, which we didn’t ask for.

This American company has been providing its services for over 30 years. The range of the services covers such image manipulations as glamour retouching, Clipping Path, advertisement & magazine design, image masking and manipulation, pre-press work and the like.

Since this service is not based on wedding photography editing, it is more suitable for large companies that need photo post-processing for business: websites, magazines, etc.

15. LUNAPhotoRetouch

Website: Laconic site with easy navigation. You can find some image examples there.

Price: Prices range from $0.04 for Culling to retouch service for $45 per hour.

Packages: Lack of package editing

Levels of editing: There are no levels of image editing.

Services: Culling, Color Correction, Retouch

Response/working time: The picture was received after 32 hours. Customer service is very friendly.

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Overall impression: We are unhappy with everything, a very disappointing result. The model looks older.

LUNAPhotoRetouch is the standard photography editing service. There are not so many examples of work on the website.

Strange pricing for working hours and some other things do not allow it to become a really cool product on the market.


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