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OrionX for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.0 Free Download

OrionX for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.0 Free Download is a full setup for windows. OrionX for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.0 latest version standalone setup for 32-bit and 64-bit. This is excellent software and is a concentrate of technology and innovation with fully automated processes and knows how to manage in any situation: overexposed lights, underexposed shadows, desaturated colors, and much more. You Can Also Download Pro Panel V1.5.2 For Photoshop.

OrionX for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.0 is an imposing application and is one of the best plugins for Photoshop that allows enhancing the display and color tone for the pictures. You can intermix this tool with Photoshop without any problem. In addition, it depicts the simple, smart, and straightforward interface with advanced output. You can choose to enhance the lightning and darkness of the image easily. This application allows changing the color shade and coloring tone to create flawless images. In fact, due to this program, you can have total control of invisible details, pixel by pixel. The glorious application contains everything you need in post-production.

OrionX for Adobe Photoshop 1.1

OrionX for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.0 is software that can automatically select disturbing objects and can eliminate them automatically. You do even not feel any distraction during working. The collection of colors is clear-cut and eye-catching. Furthermore, this tool allows you to work with landscape and scenery. As it helps you in creating warm tones to create a perfect night. Similarly, this application offers you a tool, to adjust the level for shadow and lightning to create mid-tone in the photos. You can even change the luminosity level with enhance in the vibrance as well. Sometimes, due to environmental factors images do not come out perfect. For this, you can use burnt pixel removal that will eradicate any type of burnt pixels present in just a few clicks.


    In fact, thanks to OrionX you can have total control of invisible details, pixel by pixel.
    In fact, the new OrionX technology has the ability to automatically select many disturbing objects and eliminate them automatically.
    Thanks to TMMLC technology (Tonality Masks Micrometric Light Control) in fact you can select micro metrically lights, shadows, and mid-tones of warm and cold colors, creating a perfect fusion between detail and color. Plus, with TMMLC you can say goodbye to the splashes of color that are created by increasing the vibrance slider.
    OrionX is the result of continuous research and studies, for this reason, the research team has decided to implement an HDR function that uses 32-bit floating-point numbering. That is, the luminance values ​​of an HDR image are stored via a 32-bit floating-point number system. In fact, by taking 3 or more photos in various exposures, thanks to this function you can have maximum control of lights and shadows even where it may be impossible.
    The new Fusion X feature allows you to have maximum stacking performance without using third-party software or separate plugins. In fact, the FusionX algorithm works not only on the simple stack but also on the subtraction of dark frames. Just select the images and let the innovative algorithm do it.
    When innovation meets experience, a perfect match is often created.
    The hot pixel removed feature is the ultimate solution to the problem all landscape photographers have: hot pixels. Just click on the function and let it work for you! You will see all the burnt pixels disappear without leaving artifacts.
    Increase the accuracy in your post-production with luminosity masks! Thanks to them you will be able to automatically select and mask highlights, shadows, and mid-tones.
    The development team has included three types of Orton effects within OrionX, from classic to dynamic. These effects allow you to create an aura of magic around the photo without losing detail: They are widely used in landscape photos (day and night) because whoever observes them unconsciously has a sense of satisfaction and “freedom” with a consequent appreciation of the shot.
    We have defied the laws of sharpness by testing and trying as far as we can go. We were, therefore, able to give you 4 functions to give your photos incredible details!
    With the “boost” function you will be able in just one click to extrapolate details from the milky way (or nebs/galaxies) that you did not imagine. This function has been conceived to enclose hours and hours of post-production and mechanisms in a single click.
    The star spoke feature allows you to create the star effect around anything bright. Try it too, a bit of aesthetics doesn’t hurt!
    OrionX in addition to having the classic function of merging the shots has many functions to make your star trail fluid and soft, so we can say goodbye to discontinuous and interrupted lines, thanks to OrionX the problem no longer arises.
    We have also implemented functions that simulate h-alpha and OIII channels to extract maximum detail from your files.

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