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Pro Panel V1.5.2 For Photoshop

Here in this post, you’ll get a free download link of Pro Panel V1.5.2 For Photoshop compress file from below. The Pro Panel will save you valuable time as well as enhance your creative abilities within photoshop. The panel’s features include powerful luminosity and color mask creation, as well as shortcuts for all the essential photoshop retouching workflows. You Can Also Download UltraSharp 1.0 Photoshop Panel.

Pro Panel V1.5.2 For Photoshop

Powerful Masks:

16 Bit Luminosity & Color Masks:

With a wide range of customizable 16-bit Luminosity and Color masks, users can blend exposures and make targeted coloring and contrast adjustments with ease.

These masks can also be directly applied as a selection, dodge & burn layers, and also adjustment layers. This enables the ultimate level of control of what is revealed through targeted and adjustable masks.

Quick Actions:

Shortcuts for editing workflow:

The Pro Panel includes a wide range of editing actions built-in including, but not limited to star trails, focus stacking, stacking for noise reduction, intelligent sharpening, alignment, and color correction.

These actions are designed to execute with one click of a button, eliminating the need to manually complete the tedious steps individually.

Pro Panel V1.5.2 For Photoshop

Image Filters:

Filters & effects:

The Pro Panel includes a range of filters that are both widely used and unique to John’s workflow. These filters can enhance colors and contrast, add different types of sharpening, as well as effects like the famous Orton.

These different filters and effects can be used standalone or combined together with your own workflow to create strikingly beautiful results.

Astro Tools:

Powerful tools for Astrophotography:

Aside from the powerful filters and correction tools, Pro Panel includes a wide range of features for editing astro photos.

Some of these popular actions include star reduction, core enhancement, star glow, star-specific sharpening (not increasing noise), noise reduction, and light pollution reduction.

Image Correction:

Powerful tools for image retouch and correction:

While the Pro Panel was designed by a Landscape and Travel photographer, it was implemented with powerful tools for any type of photographer. Providing actions for image clean up, dodging and burning, frequency separation, and also color correction.

So if you’re a portrait photographer, architecture photographer, or even a food photographer you can benefit from these awesome corrective features to give your photos that polished look.

User Actions:

Add your own actions to the Pro Panel:

The Pro Panel was designed to make your editing life easier and more productive. With that said, if you have your own actions you’ve created, you can simply add them to the panel as buttons.

There are five user action buttons but each button also has a secondary function, so users can add up to ten of their own actions, and change them out at will.

Saving Tools:

Tools and shortcuts for saving:

Saving your images in the correct form, place, and color space can take up a lot of time as well. In the Pro Panel, there is a dedicated Finish Tab, where the user can name and save a file instantly from the panel.

Additionally, there is a smart watermark tool, that keeps your watermark ready to instantly apply at your chosen settings, and also save for web functions that have intelligent sharpening which masks out edges to eliminate unwanted halos.

How To Download, Install, And Registered Pro Panel?

Before downloading or comment you need to watch the complete video tutorial below. Because in this video tutorial I gave you complete guidelines about pro panel downloading, installation and registration.

PRO PANEL COMPATIBLE WITH: Adobe Photoshop CC, versions to current 2021.

 Zip File Password: www.freegfx4u.com 

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