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Oniric – Glow Generator Plugin For Adobe Photoshop

Here in this post, you can Free Download Oniric – Glow Generator Plugin For Photoshop┬ácompress file from below. This plugin is for artists that want to inject atmosphere and impact into their images, and it does this extremely well. You Can Also Download Glow & Glare Photoshop Extension.

Oniric - Glow Generator Plugin

What can Oniric do?

Here are some key features. Use the slider to see a before and after applying Oniric.


Generate bloom effect is one of the two core features of Oniric. It uses the inverse square law the same as real light falloff does to create very smooth light transitions. Combined with our algorithms it works amazing with the “colorize” feature. When you hit the “apply” button, Oniric renders the bloom in 16bit so you don’t have to worry about banding.

Oniric - Glow Generator Plugin

Light streaks:

Generating light streaks is another core feature of Oniric. With this type of glow, you can create very interesting and creative light effects that you didn’t think of before on your image. You can create from lens flares and glares as well. We have made tutorials to show you how to create them, the rest is all about that you experiment with settings and find more ways of creation.


We’ve created a plugin that delivers non-destructive results, this means that the plugin doesn’t destroy your pixels and it gives you the capability to edit your Oniric elements whenever you want and change any setting again and again.

When pressing “edit mode”, Oniric searches for all of your Oniric elements already created and lets you choose which element you want to edit.

Oniric - Glow Generator Plugin

Custom Colors:

We’ve made an algorithm that delivers very pleasant and smooth color transitions when using the “colorize” feature.

A very powerful Oniric feature is that you can customize your glows by turning on the “colorize” option, this opens more ways of creation and a wide range of colors you didn’t think about before to apply to your image.


  • The plugin is supported only by versions of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 and above.
  • The plugin is available forWindows and macOS.


  • The plugin will work as fast as Adobe Photoshop does on your computer, so if Adobe Photoshop is fast, the plugin will be fast. We optimize our tools to work as fast as possible as they are not GPU accelerated yet.
  • Nevertheless, we’ve found that the plugins are working faster on versions CC 2018 and CC 2019.

 Zip File Password: www.freegfx4u.com 

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