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Smart Selector v1.0 For After Effects Plugin Free Download

Here in this post, you’ll get a free download link to the Premium Smart Selector v1.0 For After Effects Plugin compress file from below. The point, click and select any layer you can see. Smart Selector sees through bounding boxes, adjustment layers, precomps, and layer transparency to find the select layers using the most advanced layer selection algorithm. You Can Also Download Hot Dog V1 For After Effect Plugin.

Find layers in your active composition or have it select layers that are embedded inside multiple pre-comps. No more soloing layers or toggling eyeballs to locate the layer you want, with Smart Selector it’s as simple as point and clicks.

Smart Selector v1.0 For After Effects Plugin

From a master layer, you can find and select artwork buried hundreds of pre-comps down as well as choose to ignore adjustment layers along the ride.


  • Find Layer in Precomp: When checked, Smart Selector will dive inside pre-comps and select the layer in its deepest level. When unchecked Smart Selector defaults to selecting the layer within the active composition.
  • Ignore adjustment layers: When checked, Smart Selector will ignore adjustment layers and allow you to select any layer underneath.

How To Use:

  1. Press ‘Create Smart Selector’. This will create a new null layer called Smart Selector in your active composition.
  2. With the Smart Selector null selected, navigate to the effects control menu and select the crosshair icon on the point controller named ‘Smart Selector’. Once selected place the point over any layer you want to select in your composition window.
  3. Press ‘Find & Select Layer’ and the script automatically find and select the layer in your active composition. If you want to locate the layer inside a pre-comp check on ‘Find Layer in Precomp.
After Effect Plugin | File Size 244.2 MB
 Winrar File Password: www.freegfx4u.com 
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